We provide care for the caregivers

The people we depend on to help those in our society who are most in need — kids who have been abused, seniors recovering from severe medical problems, the mental ill — have some of the hardest jobs around. So hard, in fact, that sometimes it’s impossible for them to leave their work at the office. The experience of being negatively affected by constant interaction with traumatized people is known as “secondary trauma.” And it can lead to serious problems for caregivers and first responders, as well as the organizations they work for.

The Secondary Trauma Resource Center was founded to help organizations whose employees frequently work with those who have experienced trauma — from social workers and nurses to police officers and firefighters. Our evidence-based training models help reduce burnout and turnover, making sure your caregivers are equipped to take care of themselves while helping others.


The Secondary Trauma Resource Center provides a variety of services, broadly categorized below. Contact us to find out how our programming might fit with your needs.

  • Presentation: Length 45-90 minutes. Provides general education on issue of secondary trauma and suggests tips and tools for individuals and agencies.
  • Workshops and Retreats: Length 3-8 hours. Can be used for independent groups or as part of conference. These sessions go deeper into the issue of secondary trauma and are specifically tailored to participants. Workbook and activities are provided.
  • Consultation and integration: Agencies choose from menu of services including training for staff, consultation with committee or senior staff, evaluation and targeted plan for organizational changes.